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By Sensei Shawnie | In ALERT!, Kids & Children | on February 18, 2016

PG-13 for a Reason

WARNING: This Sensei’s Blog is rated PG-13!

There is an on-going battle in our culture, and as parents it is our duty to be diligent in knowing what our children are exposed to. This applies to Christian and Non-Christian parents although the example in this blog is directly related to my own Christian faith. Parents are the very first and most important string of defense in a childs life. I’ve taught 100’s of kids self-defense techniques over the years and hopefully have imparted a degree of confidence that will allow kids to defend themselves. Nothing I have taught is more important than a parents discerning eye. It’s a big job BUT it’s an important job!

Recently, ‘The Brick Bible’, ‘The Brick Testament’, or ‘The Lego Bible’ was brought to my attention.  It combines biblical concepts with Legos – sounds great, right? BUT some of the images are very graphic and not really suitable for young kids (The Lego age kids, like my kids: like a majority of my karate students). It is a “bible” written by an atheist targeting Christian children. It basically depicts God (a Lego man) as a lusty, violent warmonger, personally killing opponents in all the wars, as well as any disobedient followers. It is bloody and sexually explicit in word and photo (i.e. dismembered bodies, nudity, fore-skins, bloody mini figures, and even soldiers checking a woman’s virginity!). And of course, it completely ignores the grace and love of God.

Here are a few examples of what concerns me (Warning – these are graphic):

As an adult, I understand the realities in the Bible. As a child I marveled in God’s grace and love. I don’t feel our children need to see graphic images using one if their favorite toys. It is also worth noting that the printed versions do not include the worst of the images you will see on the website, but encourages the reader to visit the website. This allowed the author to get the published book available in regular bookstores.

Can an atheist write a non-biased version of the Bible for Christian kids? I think not, and I believe the result proves it. According to their website, “The Brick Testament website and The Brick Bible books use the author’s own wording of Bible passages, based on a number of different public domain Bible translations and occasionally a translation from the original Hebrew or Greek suggested by colleagues.” Again, I think the concept is great but I don’t think young children need to see a rape acted out with Legos.

Social Media and the Internet can be dangerous, especially to young minds. Books, video games and movies can also be dangerous. I’ve had many young students in my classes talking about seeing R rated movies or playing violent video games. Protecting young minds starts at home. Be involved; know what your kids have in their possession. You’re their parent not their best friend. They can hate you now but when they are in the real world making right decisions it will be worth it.

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