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“It is not a crime to protect yourself and your family. In fact it is a duty.”


“Knowledge is power” 

~Sir Francis Bacon

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Private Lessons Customized for You
with 4th degree Black Belt Instructor Shawnie Brown

Private Lessons at American Family KarateSensei Shawnie Brown

Hourly one-on-one private sessions tailored to fit your training needs.

Private lessons are great for people who want to learn karate but cannot make regularly scheduled group classes. Private lessons are also ideal for people who are uncomfortable in group class settings.

The one-on-one attention to detail is the key to achieving
your Martial Arts & Fitness goals much more quickly.

In these private lessons, the Sensei/Teacher will design a lesson plan that meets your individual needs. Some of the benefits of private lessons include:
  • Gaining extra training in Self-Defense instruction
  • Prepare for Tournaments or Belt Exams
  • Improving one's technique, forms, or sparring
  • A tailored fitness program for you.


    1. Students attending Regular Classes may purchase individual, hourly private lessons for $45.00.
    2. Students receiving Private Lessons only will be charged a monthly rate of $125.00 and a regular time for weekly lessons will be scheduled. Lessons will be 45 minutes to an hour each. There is a one time enrollment fee of $25.00 for private students.
    3. Private lessons are available to students age 10 and older. Students under the age of 14 MUST have a parent on property during private lessons.
    4. Students taking private lessons only will be required to take belt exams with all students. However, earning belt rank is not required. Belt exam fees apply.
    5. Private students are required to purchase a student uniform.
    6. Sparring equipment must be purchased by the rank of orange belt. We have equipment white and yellow belt students can use.
    7. American Family Karate’s “Training Area & Sparring Rules” apply to ALL students. 
    8. Schedule Your Private Lesson with Sensei Shawnie Brown at 607-542-9571 or email at

    American Family Karate GhiScheduling
    If you have a busy schedule and are unable to make the class private instruction is the way to go. The are many time slots available during the day.

    Progressive Instruction
    Your instructor can arrange a training sequence that will deliver the material in a manner that will insure correct structured growth in the system that is designed around your personal learning style.

    Instant Feedback
    In class, it is very hard for the instructor to focus completely on one student, so you must rely on your training partners to help you learn the techniques. In private lessons, your instructor is your partner for every technique, so they can physically feel all of your movements and provide instant feedback.

    Game Development
    Your “game” is your personal expression of the martial art you are learning and training. One major benefit of personal training is your instructor can help you find your way, your expression, in other words find what truly works for you.
    Greater Depth of Understanding
    Obviously in a group class you can only teach so much information and depth of knowledge. Private training allows your instructor to go into greater detail on the information that is being covered.

    Get Started Now
    Schedule Your Private Lesson with Sensei Shawnie Brown at 607-542-9571 or email at